Tree Removal

Tree cutting

As trees are left to continue aging, they are going to grow much larger and spread out much wider. Eventually, you could start to find that they are just taking up too much room on your land. They could be blocking out all of the sunlight or even causing other plants around them to die off. You don’t want either of those things happening in your backyard, which is why, sometimes it is best to have the tree removed. If that is going to be the case with you, then make sure you are trusting the job to your best local tree surgeons. For those living in the city of Darwin, that is going to be us, at Darwin Tree Surgeons.

Small Tree Removal

If you are looking to have a small tree removed from your land, we will be more than capable of getting it done quickly and effectively. Wherever it is going to be possible, we will cut down the tree in one go and then break it up, once it has been able to fall. If not, then we will cut it into smaller pieces and run the job in reverse. But no matter which one we pick, you know we are going to be able to get the job done properly, without the need for you to take too much time out of your day.

Large Tree Removal

On the other hand, if you are going to need a larger tree being removed, we are likely going to have to take a different choice. To make sure that we are able to uphold a safe job every time, for both you and your property, we will scale the tree ourselves and slowly take it down in pieces. First, we will cut away any heavy branches and lower these down to the ground, before we start cutting the trunk down in individual chunks. In doing this, we are able to deliver the most effective job, without any unnecessary risks.

Sapling Relocation

Sometimes, after you plant a young tree, you find out that you need to have it removed. But it would be a shame to see a growing sapling going to waste, so it is always best to have it replanted. If that is what you would like doing for yours, then we would be glad to help. Using our expert technique, we will make sure that we are protecting the plant and finding it a suitable new home, for it to continue growing strongly.

Hedge Removal

If you have hedges growing on your property and you would like to have these removed, then you can bet we are going to be able to help. Our team will be able to make light work of any hedging, just as we do with any other tree. We’ll carefully take down your hedges, making sure that we do not to any damage to the land around, returning the soil to the best state that we possibly can.

If you’re after tree removal services in Townsville QLD we recommend our friends @ Townsville Tree Surgeons, or over in the US, Austin Tree Service

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